Accordion Shutters

When it comes to conveniencehurricane-accordion_shutters-980x360, ease of operation, and durability, nothing surpasses the Accordion Hurricane Shutters!

Accordion shutters are easy to implement before the big storm and will last you a lifetime! Hate waiting in those long lines to get ply wood? Accordion shutters are designed not just for your protection, but also for ease of use. Our Accordion Shutters are manufactured to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division & Florida Building Code. We are also My safe florida approved!Builders, contractors, business owners and homeowners are voicing satisfaction with  Accordion Shutters from Alenac Metals are aesthetically pleasant, meet Florida’s tough requirements for Hurricane protection, provide security during the off season, satisfy business and homeowners, practically maintenance free, convenient to use and are easy to install.

miami_shutters_accordion_shuttersThe aluminum and steel finishes are attractive for all exterior decors. The shutters fold away compactly when not in use. Florida’s Tough Requirements for Hurricane Protection. Accordion shutters are manufactured to meet all Florida Building Code standards. The shutters are tested and approved to pass all specifications. In addition it provide Security During the Off Season.

Business and homeowners rest assured known their property is protected accordionimgduring the off season with Accordion Shutters. The accordion shutters provide not only protection from hurricanes but also add a layer of burglary and vandalism protection.