Dedicated to provide a new modernized look to residential and commercial buildings with prioritizing safety and attention to detail.

Upgrade your view

Glass Railings

Whether you need railings for the perimeter of your property or for each balcony on a large oceanside condominium, Alenac’s picket or glass railing systems is a necessary addition or renovation for many commercial and residential properties. Our durable aluminum posts with pickets or tempered laminated glass panels are fabricated with safety and captivation in mind. You will work closely with our team to establish which railing system would be best for your building needs.

Keep it cool

Picket Systems

Elevate your condominium's appeal with our stylish picket railings, combining elegance and security effortlessly. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to find the perfect fit for your residential complex. Contact us today to enhance your property with our exceptional railings.

Let the air flow

Architectural Louvers

Add ventilation or simply block unwanted views with our beautifully designed louver system. Maximum air flow and protection against debris and heavy rain is key in our unique yet simple designs.

The outdoor living room

Screen Enclosures

We can transform your building’s outdoor area into a beautiful living space. Our screen enclosures will ensure that you have the best views from your balcony. We specialize in modernizing balcony living spaces in large residential and commercial properties.

First impressions matter


The exterior design of your building determines the first impression. Our facades can transform the aesthetic of your property and raise its value dramatically. Alenac’s dedicated team designs to your liking and develops custom systems that brings out your building’s true potential.

Some privacy please

Metal & Glass Dividers

Whether it’s needed for privacy or to punctuate ownership borders, our carefully designed dividers are trending for modernizing exterior and interior of buildings. Glass dividers can bring the illusion of open spaces while metal dividers can give you the privacy you always wanted.

Water & sand

Custom Perforated Materials

With our new waterjet system, we can carve out any specific part or idea you might think of to the “T.” Our new machine takes pressurized water and sand to cut precisely into many materials such metal, wood, plastics, carbon fiber, rubber, and stone. If you think it, we can probably make it. Contact us today with your idea today!


done right

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